Premium Learning Resources For Musicians

by James Morton

Author James Morton is has been drumming for over 50 years and has over 40 years of music teaching experience. Between gigging and teaching, James has published a dozen books focused on helping fellow musicians of all levels.

Jazz Drumming: Step By Step

Jazz Drumming Step By Step is a comprehensive approach to developing jazz drumming skills. In addition to the standard comping and coordination exercises that one would find in other jazz drumming books, jazz history, ear training, vocalizing, and creative challenges are arranged throughout the book. The skills and knowledge that you will gain from applying yourself to this book will make you a more musical drummer, informed by history and a musical ear.

“A great book!”

– Vic Firth

“A lifetime of learning in one book.”

– James Moody

Fast Fingers: Keyboard Exercises to Develop Speed

We work daily to improve our technique, in order to be free of it. In the long run, we really aren’t after speed, we are after control. Speed is a by-product of control. The ultimate use of having complete control is to be able to play any musical idea one reads, hears, or imagines.

“If you’ve done your Hanon, you will enjoy this book. Emphasis here is on control at all tempos, and the accompanying audio tracks make a perfect model to practice against. My students and I love this book.”

Virtuoso Drummer: Stick Technique For All Drummers

“An essential book for any percussionist. This book presents sound and valuable information on grip, positioning, and stroke action. In addition, studies are contained dealing with the development of the single stroke roll, the double stroke roll, and the closed roll. Additional sections are presented in depth dealing with hand to hand coordination, ambidexterity, and recommended daily workouts.”

Modern Drummer